Estimates & Timeframes


Start times

Pinnacle has a number of building teams allowing projects to commence usually within 14 days of receiving the deposit. Pinnacle will always aim to meet your required start time and try to be flexible wherever possible.

Estimates and Quotations

Pinnacle comes and does estimates without obligation and without charge. Pinnacle aims to give fair yet competitive prices. Estimates are then sent out via email (or by post if requested).


The preferred method of payment is by electronic transfer directly into our company bank account by BACS or CHAPS.

Please note that a BACS transfer will take three or four working days to clear whereas a CHAPS payment happens the same day (provided it is done before 3pm depending on the bank). Most banks will charge you for a CHAPS transfer.

Cheques can be sent to the office made payable to ‘Pinnacle Building Projects Ltd.’ Please note also that a cheque will take at least three working days to clear and that work cannot start before the cheque has cleared.


For each project, a deposit payment is required. This is 40% of the total cost of the job. A project will only commence if the deposit has been received in full. 20% stage payments thereafter are then required at regular intervals throughout the job. Depending on the size of the project the percentages and intervals may vary.

Timeframes and Deadlines

Pinnacle is strict with its tradesmen and are committed to ensuring that projects are finished on time.