Refurbishment project in Pimlico

Before image from the Refurbishment project in Pimlico project
After image from the Refurbishment project in Pimlico project
New kitchen from Violet Designs (with beautiful oak worktops)
Bathroom with limestone tiles
Bespoke cupboards and shelving in the living room
Small desk and shelving in the master bedroom

Project Description

For this project, our clients wanted to move the kitchen completely and to add another bedroom. Working in a residential block often throws up obstacles and delays can occur. For example, we discovered that the electrical cable running into the actual building into the apartment itself was not thick enough to cope with the increased power of modern cookers and kitchen appliances so this had to be replaced at extra expense. Structural walls were being removed and steel beams had to be correctly calculated and inserted. Waste pipes from the position of the new kitchen had to be run under the floor across the direction of the floor joists; so these joists had to be strengthened with extra steel and this all added to the time frame and the budget. We had to wait until the calculations had been done until we could continue. The project was often on hold much to our frustration but even more so to our poor clients. Building works are not always smooth running. Our clients were extremely patient. The project has since been completed successfully – here are some photos to prove it! Please click here for work in progress photos.